Day 2: Running with Wild animals

So today started a bit differently with a 3:45 am wake up call. Of course I fought it at first because mornings and I are still working on our relationship. However, I knew that it would be so much cooler running and I got to run with some pretty awesome people today, so I got moving a little bit faster!

Today I dedicated my run to my DG sisters, BGR friends, and all of the other Boilermakers that have impacted my life. College is a time where you grow and change as a person and when you are told you have MS at the age of 18 you have 2 choices: 1. Let MS take over or 2. Take over MS. Definitely couldn’t have dominated this disease without out all of my college party people who taught me what friendship and living in the moment truly means. So grateful for each of you!

iphone pics Day 1 and 2 of MSRUS 134

We got started around 6am and it made a world of a difference temperature wise! There was some pretty thick fog, but I was so incredibly grateful to have one of my best friends from college and his wife who drove from Cincinnati and ran with me all day long!! It made today go so much faster and I ran a lot more today, which mean I got done a lot sooner!!

iphone pics Day 1 and 2 of MSRUS 107

There’s just something about running on country roads, listening to nature, and taking in what God has created for us. Today was a day to do just that. Lots of flat corn and soybean fields, but it was awesome!!

iphone pics Day 1 and 2 of MSRUS 129

We finished around 2pm today, enjoyed some delicious Mexian food for lunch and headed to our new campsite for the next couple days!

iphone pics Day 1 and 2 of MSRUS 135

2 days and 52 miles done. I’m feeling great with a little soreness and a couple blisters but that is nothing to complain about!! Feeling grateful for all of the love and support from some many people in my life. You guys ROCK my world!!



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